Why are the fees changing?

Fees have remained the same since 2014 and have undergone a modest increase to aid in covering increased regulatory costs. Fees have been assessed based on risk and only reflect a fraction of the cost of regulation. They also remain on par with other provinces.

What will happen if I don’t make the required changes right away?

The LGCA expects a transition period and licensing and inspections staff will support licensees in the transition. The priorities continue to be preventing service to minors and intoxicated people and preventing over service. As always, inspectors will continue to focus on education when working with licensees.

What licence types are impacted?

The changes apply to liquor service licences only. There are no changes to other licences (e.g., delivery, retail liquor, cannabis). One change that impacts delivery licence holders is that liquor sales with delivery and takeout food orders is now extended to all liquor service licensees that have a kitchen.

Why have the changes been made?

The intent of the changes is to modernize the liquor service licensing framework. The changes reflect feedback from industry and licensees. There will be fewer requirements unrelated to the safe sale of liquor, less red tape for new applicants and more flexibility for industry.

Why is my establishment age-restricted when it wasn’t before?

The age-restricted category is assigned to those licence holders whose business is primarily liquor service and/or other activity that is intended for adults only. Age-restricted licence holders may apply for an authorization to allow minors under certain circumstances.

What changes do license holders have to make right away?

Most of your operations will not change. Some businesses will become age-restricted that weren’t previously. Any terms and conditions and authorizations in effect before the change will continue to be in effect.