Places that sell alcohol don’t guess, they ask. Bring ID.

    You’ve heard it before. You’re standing at the checkout of your neighbourhood liquor store, in a hurry to get to your buddy’s place, when the clerk awkwardly asks, “Can I please see some ID?” You respond by rolling your eyes and think to yourself, does this clerk not notice my one grey hair? Or the tiny little wrinkle across my forehead? I mean it’s obvious that I’m an adult. Isn’t it?

    In a word, no. Age is not obvious. And it’s not up to clerks to try and guess your age. A clerk at a liquor store or a server at a restaurant can get into trouble for selling or serving alcohol to anyone under 18. It’s against the law. People who sell or serve alcohol are required by law to ask for ID from anyone who looks youthful. There are people well into their thirties that may look youthful and get asked for ID. Take it as a compliment, you look young! Believe me, one day you’ll wish you were being asked for ID.

    So now that you understand why you are being asked for ID, you need to make sure you actually have valid ID on you. It doesn’t matter if you know the clerk at the liquor store or the bartender at the restaurant. It’s simply the law. Click here for examples of acceptable ID.

    Please don’t ever try to use a fake ID to buy alcohol. It’s illegal. People that sell and serve alcohol are trained to spot fake IDs.

    So the next time a clerk at a liquor store asks to see your ID, give them a smile, proudly show your valid ID, and you can both go on with your days.

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