What’s Your Gambling Limit?
  • Do you set limits before you gamble? LGCA research indicates that a portion of Manitobans, particularly those aged 45 years and older, are not regularly setting limits before participating in gambling activities. People who always set limits have a lower risk of experiencing gambling harm, such as overspending and negative impacts to family and well-being.

The Know My Limits responsible gambling campaign launched in 2017, to remind Manitobans to set limits before gambling.

A diverse mix of individuals and the tagline, I had a talk with myself, I know my gambling limit are featured in the campaign. It ran for six weeks and includes radio, online and social media, transit advertising and posters across the province to convey its messaging.

The campaign directed Manitobans to visit KnowMyLimits.ca for tips on setting spending limits, limiting access to funds, limiting how often you gamble and setting time limits.

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