• As of October 17, 2018, cannabis is legal in Canada. As the laws differ between provinces and territories, it's important for Manitobans to know what the laws are in their home province.

The Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Control Act outlines many of the new cannabis laws in Manitoba and gives the LGCA the authority to regulate cannabis in the province.

For more information on what is and isn't allowed in Manitoba, check out our public education campaign, the Can & Can't of Cannabis.

Cannabis Complaints

Manitoba and the federal government share the responsibility for regulating non-medical cannabis in Canada.

The LGCA regulates Manitoba’s licensed cannabis stores, so you can contact the LGCA if you have a complaint about how a licensed store is selling cannabis. This includes concerns about retail store appearance (e.g. security, cannabis display) or retailer behaviour (e.g. selling to youth or intoxicated persons, overselling, online sales, delivery issues). The LGCA will investigate and respond to public complaints about licensed cannabis stores.

Health Canada regulates cannabis products, packaging and advertising. Please direct any complaints about these issues to Health Canada. Examples of issues Health Canada can address include:

  • Product labelling (e.g. missing mandatory health warning message)
  • Product packaging (e.g. shape that may be appealing to youth)
  • Product quality (e.g. mould, mite, powdery mildew or pesticides)
  • Cannabis accessories (e.g. injury caused by malfunction)
  • Promotions and advertising (e.g. cannabis radio commercials or billboards)

Contact local law enforcement for issues such as illegal cannabis sales (e.g. selling on the street), smoking or vaping in public, and home growing cannabis.