• The LGCA licenses all VLT siteholders in Manitoba, but Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries makes the business decision about VLT locations. Only establishments with an age-restricted liquor service licence are eligible to have VLTs.

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries owns and manages all VLTs under agreements with eligible licensed establishments and First Nations. If you are interested in becoming a VLT site, you may apply when you apply for your liquor service licence, but you must first contact Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries Video Lotto Division. A VLT siteholder licence does not guarantee that VLTs will be granted by Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries and location approval by Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries does not guarantee that you will receive LGCA licence.

Terms and Conditions

VLT siteholders must comply with the terms and conditions set by the LGCA.

Application Forms

The VLT siteholder application is part of the application for a liquor licence, because eligibility is tied to age-restricted liquor service licences.

If your location is operated by a First Nation, the licensing process is different from other commercial premises. The following application must be submitted to the LGCA.

You must be honest in your application. The LGCA conducts background investigations on all applications as part of the licensing process. Failing to disclose complete and relevant information in the application forms will result in a more detailed investigation, longer processing time, and the possible denial of a licence. Investigations that include criminal charges, bankruptcies and civil proceedings do not automatically result in the denial of a licence.


      There is no fee for a VLT siteholder licence. 


      VLT siteholders must renew their licence before expiry. For VLT sites with liquor service, your liquor licence and VLT renewal dates will be the same. The LGCA will send you a renewal package two months before your licence’s expiry date for you to complete and return by a specified date. Failing to renew your licence could result in the VLTs being shut down.

      Frequently Asked Questions