The LGCA is led by a board appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council. The board sets the strategic direction for the LGA and provides advice and recommendations to the Minister charged with the administration of The Liquor and Gaming Control Act. The board also hears appeals of the executive director’s decisions and orders.

Board members address regulatory and policy advisory matters at regular board and committee meetings. From time to time, and to address or resolve specific matters, the members may establish ad hoc committees to consider, research and report on regulatory or policy matters.

Board Members
  • Stéphane D. Dorge, Acting Chair, Winnipeg
  • Sheila Atkinson, Member, Brandon
  • Joyce Bateman, Member, Winnipeg
  • William Duff, Member, Winnipeg
  • Peter Fuchs, Member, Winnipeg
  • Rich Harries, Member, Morden
  • Loren Schinkel, Member, Lac du Bonnet
  • Jonathan Webber, Member, La Salle
Executive Director and CEO

Kristianne Dechant