The LGCA launched a public education campaign to update Manitobans on the current laws regarding cannabis. LGCA launched its first public education campaign about the cannabis laws in September 2018, just before it became legal. Since then, some of the laws have changed and the use of cannabis in Manitoba has increased slightly.

Manitoba’s habits and preferences have also changed since then. One significant change relates to types of cannabis used. LGCA’s research shows that use of edibles has almost doubled since 2017, with oil use increasing by two and a half times. Manitobans surveyed indicated strong support for a focus on rules to prevent underage purchase and use of cannabis. 

This campaign focuses on five topics related to legal cannabis use: preventing consumption by minors, maximum quantity of cannabis that can be in someone’s possession, how to tell if you’re buying legal, and prohibition on public consumption and intoxication.  

The lighter tone and visuals of the Don’t Get Canna-busted campaign mark a departure from the previous cannabis campaigns, reflecting the growing social acceptability of cannabis use among Canadians, as demonstrated in the 2022 Canadian cannabis survey.  

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  • Using edibles and extracts in public.

    A year after cannabis was legalized in Canada, edibles, drinks, concentrates, extracts and topicals became legal. Other than topicals, however, none of these products can be consumed in public in Manitoba.

  • Getting high in public.

    This emphasizes the restriction on public consumption in Manitoba, with the graphic focusing on cannabis consumed by smoking.

  • Maximum amount of cannabis in one's possession.

    It’s illegal to possess more than a total of 30 grams of any form of cannabis in in a public place.

  • Providing weed to a minor.

    Ensuring that no cannabis is sold or provided to a young person, under the age of 19, is a key objective of the legislation.

  • Buying cannabis from an unlicensed provider.

    Only a provider with a retail cannabis licence issued by the LGCA is authorized to sell cannabis in Manitoba.