• This licence is for businesses with a venue, activities, and measures in place that make it appropriate for minors. Examples include restaurants, sports and recreation facilities, museums, theatres, hair salons, and the common area of multi-use retail premises. Minors (under 18 years old) may enter the premises unless a term or condition on the licence prohibits them from doing so. A term or condition may also be imposed that prohibits minors in a specific area of the premises (e.g., area with VLTs) or at specific times.

Learn about age-restricted liquor service licences, for businesses which focus on activities intended for adults (e.g., bar, nightclub, live entertainment venue, casino).

Requirements and Responsibilities of Licensees

General licensees must comply with the legislation, regulations, and any specific terms and conditions imposed by the LGCA.

Application Form

A complete form can be sent by email to licence@lgcamb.ca, or mail to Commercial Licensing, 1055 Milt Stegall Drive, Winnipeg MB  R3G 0Z6.  The following must be submitted with the form:

  • Non-refundable application fee of $500 CAD
  • Corporate documents (e.g., articles of incorporation, file summary, registers), including at least one document that identifies principals (e.g., officers, directors, shareholders).

As application fees are non-refundable, before applying for a licence, ensure you are:

  • an individual, partnership or corporation authorized to do business in Manitoba; and
  • the owner of the business and have a ‘valid interest’ in the property where the establishment will be located (i.e., owning or have a lease on the property)

Liquor licences cannot be transferred.  Anyone wanting a new licence, buying a business that previously held a licence, adding another licence, must apply for a new liquor licence.

There are multiple stages to the application process.  A stage must be complete before the application can move to the next stage. You will be notified when you move to the next stage, and told what must be submitted to complete that stage. At any stage, incomplete applications will be returned. Failure to provide a complete application may lead to your entire application being withdrawn with no refund of your application fee.

You must be honest in your application. The LGCA conducts background investigations on all applications as part of the licensing process. Failing to disclose complete and relevant information in the application will result in a more detailed investigation, longer processing time, and the possible denial of a licence. Investigations that include criminal charges, bankruptcies and civil proceedings do not automatically result in the denial of a licence.

Processing times can be impacted by:

  • time required to obtain necessary municipal, provincial or federal approvals
  • further investigation of any of the information provided
  • public objections to the application
  • proposals that are unique or new to the Manitoba market

While you go through the licensing process, your establishment can be open but no liquor can be kept on the premises, sold or served until you are licensed.


Application: $500 CAD
Annual: $500 CAD

Find out how the LGCA assesses the maximum capacity of licensed premises.