• Monte Carlo is a charitable gaming event, often called a “casino night”, where participants can play blackjack and wheel of fortune games. These events are generally used as entertainment in conjunction with another event. There is a limit of four blackjack tables and there can be any number of wheel of fortune games at the event.

Only charitable and religious organizations can hold a Monte Carlo event. The LGCA licenses these types of organizations to conduct Monte Carlo events in accordance with Section 207(1)(b) of the Criminal Code (Canada). You can learn if your organization is eligible to apply for a licence by reviewing the LGCA's eligibility guide (click here). If your organization has never been licensed or has not had a licence in three years or more, you must submit background information to show your eligibility for a licence.
Terms and Conditions

Organizations holding Monte Carlo events must comply with the terms and conditions set by the LGCA.

Application Forms

    You cannot advertise your Monte Carlo event until your licence is approved.


    The licence fee is $5 per game per day and the fee must be submitted with your application.

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