The LGCA licenses raffles to make sure that it is legal for Manitobans to participate. You need a licence for any raffle that has a cost to play, a chance to win and a prize offered.

Individuals and groups who are holding a one-time social event at a public place of amusement such as a banquet hall, restaurant, bar or community centre, are eligible to apply for a social occasion raffle licence. Types of raffles include 50/50, player's choice, or others. 

You can apply for a social occasion raffle licence:

In Winnipeg
Outside of Winnipeg
  • online at
  • by submitting the social occasion raffle application
  • at any Liquor Mart or liquor vendor as part of your social occasion liquor permit application, if you are also applying to serve liquor at your event

Click here for information about social occasion liquor permits.

    There is no charge to apply for the social occasion raffle licence and no financial reporting is required. Your application will be processed in approximately 2 to 3 business days after we receive it.

    Your social occasion raffle licence allows you to hold your raffle with the following requirements:

    • The amount or value of each prize awarded must not exceed $500.
    • Each ticket must not be sold for more than $2.
    • Revenue from each draw must not exceed $10,000.
    • The raffle must be held at a one-time social event at a public place of amusement.
    • All ticket sales, draws and prize awards must take place at the event.
    • Cannabis cannot be given as a prize.