Could you be playing with no chance of winning?

When a friend of a friend sets up a Chase the Ace on social media to help pay their bills or cover the cost of a vacation, you might play because it’s fun. You also feel good because you’re helping out someone, while you think you have a chance to win. What’s a game among friends?

You and your friends probably don’t realize that it’s illegal for an individual to fundraise through a Chase the Ace on social media. These games are not regulated or licensed. In other words, no one is making sure the game is fair or that all players have a chance to win. The game could even be rigged for a certain person to win.

Look familiar?

What you don't see.

Only charitable and religious organizations licensed by the LGCA can operate Chase the Ace legally in Manitoba. Licensed events undergo a stringent licensing process and are monitored for cheating and fraud. Even though it’s with good intentions, raising money for a friend’s child to attend a dance or sports camp through an online Chase the Ace is not eligible for licensing.

Individuals are eligible to fundraise through one-time raffles, such as a 50/50 or player’s choice raffle, at a public location, such as a banquet hall, restaurant or community centre.  Click here to learn more or to apply for this type of raffle licence.

How do I know if the Chase the Ace I want to play is legal?
  • The Chase the Ace game is organized by a charitable organization or religious group, not an individual.
  • The organization has a licence for their Chase the Ace and the advertising shows the licence number (e.g. LGCA-xxxxRF).

You can ask to see the organization’s licence for their Chase the Ace. In addition to the LGCA, some municipalities issue gaming event licences and First Nations gaming commissions licence on-reserve events. Licensed organizations will be able to show you their licence even if it was obtained from a municipality or First Nation.

If you have a question or complaint about a Chase the Ace, click here to email the LGCA.