The Know My Limits low-risk drinking campaign ran from 2014 to 2017 across the province. The campaign focused on responsible consumption of liquor by teaching young adult Manitobans about Canada’s low-risk drinking guidelines. LGCA research indicates that the majority of Manitobans – and young adults in particular – have low awareness of the national guidelines.

    • It’s Not How, It’s How Many

      Posters and billboards encouraged Manitobans to visit the and to consider how and when they consume liquor. Posters featured the statement, “It’s not how, it’s how many” and depicted young adults consuming alcohol in unusual or humorous ways.

    • The Proof is in the Pour

      The Proof is in the Pour materials at liquor vendors and liquor stores showed how a standard drink size would measure up in a plastic cup. The campaign was designed to encourage young adults to keep track of the number of drinks consumed and to understand what amount of alcohol is in “a drink”.

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