The LGCA continues to build upon its existing Know My Drinking Limits public education. An extension to the original 2014 campaign ran in late 2020 and most recently, additional public messaging was launched on January 3, 2022.

This public messaging brings further awareness to adult Manitobans about Canada’s Low-Risk Drinking Guidelines and given the current impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on alcohol consumption, shares timely information on how to set limits when drinking.

  • Be alcohol aware.

    This campaign shares tips for adult Manitobans to rethink their drinking and reduce their potential health and safety risks related to alcohol consumption. The tips encourage people to keep track of the number of drinks they have and gain understanding of the amount of alcohol that is in a single drink serving.

Recent research and polls in Canada have found that the sale and consumption of alcohol are both increasing. COVID-19 pandemic stressors and the changes to social interactions are contributing to more alcohol consumption. In addition, perceptions of drinking at home vary from those of drinking while out socially at a public place. The limit-setting focus of the LGCA's campaign educates about setting limits for drinking alcohol in a single sitting, and longer periods of time such as daily or weekly timeframes.


The LGCA's Know My Limits public education campaigns that encourage lower-risk alcohol and cannabis consumption, and gambling participation, run in English and French across the province via a media mix of digital and social media, as well as billboards, transit and poster ads.

For more information on the Know My Limits Drinking campaign, visit our public education website: