The LGCA’s latest Know My Drinking Limits campaign launched in November 2023 and runs through the holiday season. This campaign updates the previous Know My Drinking Limits campaign, providing Manitobans with strategies for lower-risk alcohol consumption in line with the updated Guidance on Alcohol and Health published by the CCSA. Rather than setting daily and weekly drinking limits, the new guidance presents a continuum of risk identifying the health risks at each point on the continuum, with the key message being that any reduction in alcohol consumption is beneficial to one’s health.

  • Set a drink limit.

    This new campaign shares tips and strategies for Manitobans to consider using to reduce the health risks associated with consuming alcohol. These strategies include setting and sticking to a drink limit, slowing one’s rate of consumption by eating or alternating non-alcoholic beverages with alcoholic ones, and knowing the amount of alcohol in a standard size drink.

The latest research indicates that the number of Manitobans who regularly consume liquor more than four times a week has increased since 2013, and those classified as being dependent on liquor is up from 2019.

With celebrations and socializing being the most identified reasons for drinking alcohol, the holiday season can present Manitobans with multiple opportunities to consume liquor. The objective of this campaign is to provide Manitobans with the knowledge and strategies for avoiding unnecessary risks from drinking during the holiday season and beyond.



The LGCA's Know My Limits public education campaigns encourage lower-risk alcohol and cannabis consumption, and gambling participation. Campaigns run in English and French across the province via a media mix of digital and social media, billboards, transit and poster ads.

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