• Only companies selected by the Province of Manitoba can apply to the LGCA for a cannabis retail licence.


In 2017, the Province of Manitoba conducted a request for proposals (RFP) for retail cannabis stores and announced that they have conditionally accepted four proposals from the submissions (click here to read the news release). Successful applicants are required to apply to the LGCA for licensing. The LGCA was not involved in the RFP or the related selection of applicants.

On July 23, 2018, the Province of Manitoba announced a request for pre-qualifications (RFPQ) to expand opportunities for retail cannabis stores in the province (click here to read the news release). Again, the LGCA was not involved in selecting applicants through this process.


All licensed cannabis retailers must comply with the regulations and terms and conditions set by the LGCA.

Security Requirements

All cannabis retailers must abide by the security requirements established by the LGCA.


Cannabis retailers are required to report inventory information to the LGCA each month using a web portal. This report must be submitted in order to comply with the Retail Cannabis licence, and is in addition to the Cannabis Retailer Monthly Federal Compliance Report.

The submitted reports require the following information:

  • Inventory additions (purchases, returns, transferred-in product)
  • Inventory reductions (sold in store, sold online, transferred-out product, disposal, recalled, other)
  • Inventory balances on hand at the end of the reporting period (available for sale, held for display, held for disposal or recall)

If you have questions about reporting, or if you would like technical information on the CSV upload file, please click here.