History of Liquor Regulation


A provincial review committee recommends liquor laws be modernized. Led by former premier John Bracken (Bracken Report), the committee advocates a stronger emphasis on self-control and more equal treatment of all Manitobans over 21, including women and Aboriginals.

In response to the Bracken Report, the new Liquor Control Act is brought forward and is passed into law the following year. The Act is amended repeatedly over the next six decades but most of the basic provisions remain.

Prohibition ends and new liquor laws emerge

Manitoba’s ban on alcohol doesn’t last long. In 1921, just five years after Prohibition was declared, a majority vote allows the sale of alcohol in Manitoba through a provincial government agency. Two years later, Manitoba introduces new laws that control manufacturing, distribution and sale of liquor. Aside from minor tinkering, these laws remain in effect for three decades.