In September 2018, the LGCA launched its first cannabis public education campaign. Click here to read the news release.

    The Can & Can’t of Cannabis educates adult Manitobans about cannabis laws, in Manitoba. As laws will differ between provinces, it's important for adult Manitobans to understand what the rules are here at home.

    The campaign provides direct statements about Manitoba’s laws, without encouraging, discouraging or judging cannabis use. Advertisements will appear on billboards, transit and public space posters around the province, as well as online and through social media. The campaign features five key messages:

    • Buy legal.

      When cannabis becomes legal on October 17, 2018, the only place to purchase legal cannabis is from a licensed retailer. It is illegal to purchase cannabis anywhere that is not licensed by the LGCA.

    • You must be 19+ years old.

      If you purchase cannabis from a licensed retailer when it becomes legal, be prepared to show ID. While the legal age to buy or consume liquor in Manitoba is 18, you will need to be at least 19 years old to buy or consume cannabis. We encourage all Manitobans to carefully consider their decisions about cannabis, including decisions to use, how often and how much. Delaying use is an important strategy for avoiding long-term effects, which may include mental health problems, cannabis dependence, memory problems and respiratory problems.

    • Not in Public.

      The Smoking and Vapour Products Control Act promotes healthier communities by prohibiting smoking and vaping in public places. This includes streets and sidewalks, parks and beaches, school grounds, restaurants patios and decks, and grounds of health-care facilities, among other places. In Manitoba, you can only smoke or vape cannabis in a private residence (which includes backyards).

    • You can't grow cannabis.

      In Manitoba, it is against the law to grow cannabis in your home. This approach is consistent with Manitoba’s commitment to protect children and youth, and is supported by law enforcement and responds directly to Manitoba’s concern that home grown cannabis may be sold illegally. The only place to buy legal cannabis is from a licensed retailer.

    • 30 grams.

      Manitobans ages 19+ can have 30 grams of dried cannabis on them in public at any time. Carrying any amount of dried cannabis in excess of 30 grams is illegal.

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