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Today, the Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba (LGA) launched a public education campaign to encourage young adults living in rural Manitoba to bring identification (ID) when they visit bars, restaurants or liquor stores. The campaign also reminds staff in licensed establishments to check the ID of youthful-looking patrons.

“Checking ID is a matter of public safety,” explains LGA CEO Rick Josephson, adding that all licensees are required by law to ask for ID from anyone who appears to be a minor.

The LGA says that unlike in cities, where the majority of patrons expect to be asked for ID in licensed establishments, inspectors have noted that those living in rural areas sometimes leave their ID at home.

“Rural bars and restaurants have a different dynamic than those in Winnipeg,” said Coralee Dolyniuk, Executive Director of the Manitoba Restaurant and Foodservices Association. “In smaller towns, it can be awkward for servers or bartenders to ask for ID from patrons who are potentially friends, neighbors or family members.”

Added Scott Jocelyn, President and CEO of the Manitoba Hotel Association, “We appreciate the LGA’s efforts to help the public understand that if a patron appears to be a minor, liquor servers and salespeople need to verify their age by requesting ID. By asking for ID, our employees are just following the law.”

The campaign features youthful-looking individuals and the tagline, we must ask for valid ID, even if we know you. It will run for six weeks and include billboards and posters predominately in rural Manitoba. Messages will also be featured online through social media and high-traffic websites oriented to young adults.

“This campaign is a great reminder to both licensees and their customers that you must always bring ID, no matter how old you are and no matter who you may know working in the licensed establishment,” says Josephson.

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