What’s new about the course?

The new Smart Choices programs have updated training material, are more interactive and accessible, and have a lower cost.

I work in the hospitality industry and my Smart Choices certification recently expired or is expiring soon. When do I need to take the course?

You must maintain a valid Smart Choices certificate to handle liquor in a licensed retail or service establishment. If you previously took your Smart Choices certification through MTEC, the expiry date on your card continues to apply. If your Smart Choices certification is expiring soon, you must complete the course again before the expiry date.

I want to buy new course codes in bulk. How can I do that?

Bulk purchases are available from the new service provider through this webpage: Bulk Purchases – Smart Choices Certification (smartchoicesmb.ca) If you have questions about making your purchase, contact the service provider’s support team at SmartChoices@SmarterU.com.

Are there other training options?

Licensees are also allowed to propose their own responsible service training program for approval by the LGCA. The LGCA will review any proposed third-party programs to ensure that core responsible service information is included, and the LGCA may require additions and amendments to third-party programs or may reject approval if a proposed program is insufficient. A licensee can only offer …

I own a licensed cannabis store or a licensed liquor service or retail establishment. Is it my responsibility to make sure my staff have this training?

Yes, in the hospitality industry, each licensee is responsible for making sure that all employees who serve or sell liquor, as well as managers and security personnel, have successfully completed an approved responsible service program. In the cannabis industry, each licensee is responsible for making sure that anyone involved in the sale of cannabis has successfully completed an approved responsible …