Are there any special requirements that in-store brewing retailers must meet?

Yes, in-store brewing retailers must:

  • meet federal excise requirements under the Excise Act (for beer) and the Excise Act, 2001 (for wine and high-alcohol beer). These federal acts establish requirements for the production, storage and packaging of beverage alcohol at in-store brewing facilities;
  • comply with the LGA’s standards for in-store brewing facilities which are based on the federally-legislated requirements;
  • comply with municipal zoning and food handling requirements;
  • make sure the area where beer or wine is produced is not accessible to the general public;
  • ensure the production area is age-controlled and that minors are monitored by an adult; and
  • limit quality control taste testing to the person making the beer or wine and ensure the amount consumed does not exceed 120 ml of beer or 60 ml of wine.