LGCA launches Know My Cannabis Limits Campaign

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Today, the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba (LGCA) launched a public education campaign to get adult Manitobans thinking about limit-setting strategies when new cannabis products, including food and beverages, become available for purchase this December.    

“Our government continues to focus on public and consumer safety as new cannabis products become available for sale in Manitoba,” said Justice Minister Cliff Cullen. “Manitobans continue to have questions about safer, more responsible use and the next stage of the LGCA’s campaign will help provide factual answers. Information is the best resource to help reduce risks, especially when it comes to new and unfamiliar products, their intoxicating effects and how to keep them stored safely away from children.”

LGCA’s education campaign focuses on potential health and safety risks to the user and people around them, the risks associated with intoxication, the delayed onset of effects from edible cannabis products, and unfamiliarity with new cannabis classes and the levels of THC. It also helps ensure cannabis consumption is not normalized among young adults or other individuals who are considering using cannabis.

“The LGCA’s messages are designed to help Manitobans look for, understand and take steps to manage risks that come with using cannabis in any form”, said Kristianne Dechant, the LGCA’s Executive Director and CEO. “We want Manitobans to always look at the THC content for each product.”

“We know Manitobans are concerned about the new food and beverage products,” said Dechant. “For example, cannabis edibles that look similar in appearance may contain very different amounts of THC. And unlike smoking or vaping cannabis, edibles can take up to two hours for people to feel the intoxicating effects, which may lead to overconsumption due to this “lag” effect.”

The LGCA launched its phase I campaign about cannabis laws in early September 2018 and its phase II campaign about setting limits in October 2018 to coincide with the legalization of dried cannabis products. Similar to the first two phases, Know My Limits will run in English and French across the province via a media mix of digital and social media, as well as billboards, transit, poster ads and point of sale materials at licensed cannabis stores.   

 The LGCA is mandated to develop and support public education initiatives and programs to build knowledge and promote strategies for safer cannabis use, In addition to licensing and compliance responsibilities.

For more information, visit KnowMyLimits.ca.


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