Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority announces regulations for licensed cannabis retail stores

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In preparation for the operation of retail cannabis stores in Manitoba, the board of the Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority (LGCA) has passed regulations that direct critical operational requirements for cannabis stores.  The Cannabis Regulation specifies a broad range of measures focused on retail premises’ safety and security, product handling, inventory controls and audit, and age verification.  These regulations are augmented by Terms and Conditions which will attach to each licence.

“Our government has consistently emphasized our commitment to keep cannabis out of the hands of our youth and away from the black market,” said Cliff Cullen, Minister of Justice and Attorney General.  “The measures approved by LGCA’s board set procedures and processes to prevent diversion of street cannabis into the licensed stores and to ensure retail sales only to people 19 years and older.”

The Cannabis Regulation is scheduled to come into effect concurrently with the proclamation of Bill 11, The Safe and Responsible Retailing of Cannabis Act on October 17, 2018. Today, the LGCA also released the Terms and Conditions (T&C) for Retail Cannabis Store Licences.  The Regulation and the T&Cs are available at

Under the comprehensive measures approved by the LGCA’s board, licensed cannabis retail stores must meet a broad range of requirements, including

  • Install a security alarm system and commercial grade locks to protect cannabis from theft and diversion into the black market.
  • Conduct appropriate background checks on prospective employees.
  • Ensure every person involved in the sale of cannabis has successfully completed a training course specified by the LGCA’s executive director.
  • Age verification to ensure sale only to people 19+.
  • Maintain records respecting:
    • cannabis inventory, including product received, available for sale and sold;
    • cannabis that is not available for sale due to usage in display containers;
    • cannabis subject to a recall;
    • cannabis disposed of; and
    • any additional matters specified by the executive director.

“My colleagues and I are mindful of the need for foundational regulations to ensure the honesty and integrity of Manitoba’s cannabis retail store operations”, said Bonnie Mitchelson, chair of the LGCA board.  “As with liquor and gaming, Manitobans may be assured that we have put in place appropriate regulations to govern the operation of these stores.”

The legislation, regulation and terms and conditions work together to frame the regulatory regime for licensed retail cannabis sales.  This frame establishes licensing, inspection and compliance mandates, as well as public education and research responsibilities.  Earlier this month, the LGCA launched the first phase of a campaign to help Manitobans understand the new cannabis laws.  Phase II, which focuses on consumer knowledge and safe use, will launch in mid-October.

Effective October 17, 2018, the LGCA will regulate retail cannabis distribution and retail cannabis stores in Manitoba.

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