• This licence authorizes many different types of businesses to serve liquor to their customers or members.

Eligible businesses include:

  • Operator of an air carrier, railway, excursion ship, intercity bus line, international airport
  • Personal service provider, such as a hair or nail salon
  • Facility or residence for elderly persons or for persons requiring health care or support
  • Sports or recreational facility, golf course, curling rink, hunting or fishing lodge
  • Hotel that does not have a dining room licence
  • Private incorporated clubs, veteran organizations
  • Unit of the Canadian forces, or a law enforcement agency

Customer/member service licensees must comply with the terms and conditions set by the LGCA. This includes our general service terms and conditions as well as those specific to the type of business authorized to serve liquor.

Licensees must also comply with legislation, regulations and any requirements or conditions placed on the licence.



Find out how the LGCA assesses the maximum capacity of licensed premises.

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