Type of Licence

    Have you determined what type of liquor service licence that you want? Click here to explore the categories of liquor service licences.


    Are you:

    • an individual, a partnership or corporation authorized to do business in Manitoba; and
    • the owner of the business and have a ‘valid interest’ in the property where the establishment will be located (i.e., owning or have a lease on the property)?

    Liquor licences cannot be transferred.  Anyone wanting a new licence, buying a business that previously held a licence, adding another licence, must apply for a new liquor licence.

    Maximum Capacity

    Find out how the LGCA assesses the maximum capacity of licensed premises.

    Processing Times

    Allow up to six weeks to process a liquor licence application for a premises that has not previously had a liquor licence. The time required to process a liquor licence varies based on a number of factors. This time frame may be shorter if the premises being licensed was licensed in the past year.

    If you want to make sure that your licence is processed as quickly as possible, confirm the information you are providing is complete and accurate, and that you provide all requested documentation in a timely manner.

    Processing times may be affected by:

    • time required to obtain necessary municipal, provincial or federal approvals
    • further investigation of any of the information provided is required
    • public objections to the application

    While you are waiting for your liquor licence to be approved, you can be open but no liquor can be kept on the premises or sold or served until the premises is licensed.