Patrons are allowed to stand up while drinking. The age of social reform The progressive 1970s bring greater equality of access and an end to the practice of tracking individuals’ liquor purchases.


Certain substances containing alcohol are designated as non-potable intoxicants in response to growing abuse problems. Waiters and waitresses no longer need to be licensed by MLCC.


Women are permitted to handle, serve and sell beer in a beer parlour. Manitoba begins establishing duty-free liquor stores. The first is established at Winnipeg International Airport. Duty-free stores are added at ground crossings of the Manitoba-U.S. border in 1982. MLCC becomes the first liquor agency in Canada to launch a marketing campaign.


Liquor sales are allowed on reserves providing the band has issued a proclamation permitting consumption of liquor on the reserve.


MLCC hires the first women to work in liquor stores. Liquor can be consumed in an expanded range of venues. New types of licences are introduced so alcohol can be consumed in live-performance theatres, sporting venues and excursion boats, and at community events like fairs, exhibitions and tournaments. There are also fewer restrictions on dining room and cocktail lounge licensing. Juveniles …


The legal drinking age is lowered to 18. Manitoba becomes one of the first provinces to reduce the eligible age to buy liquor from 21 years of age. During the next decade, all provinces will lower the minimum age to 18 or 19. Dancing is allowed in all licensed establishments. Venues must provide live music to qualify for a dancing licence. In …


No more limits on individual purchases of liquor. Manitobans can now buy unlimited quantities at one time.


Liquor advertising is now permitted with some restrictions on when ads can be aired. Home wine-making is allowed. A hobby practised by some Manitobans for many years now becomes legal.


Aircraft can serve liquor. Aircraft can now obtain a dining room licence. By 1980, air carriers will be able to open licensed hospitality lounges at the airport.


Games are permitted for the first time. Bars are allowed to add games like darts and shuffleboard, adding the air of an English pub to many establishments. Hotels with licensed dining rooms can serve liquor to guests in their rooms.