The LGCA conducts survey research every three years to measure changes in liquor, gambling – and now cannabis – behaviours and attitudes. Previous studies on gambling occurred every three years since 2004, with questions on liquor added in since 2013. In 2019, the next version of the survey will include cannabis to reflect the LGCA’s expanded regulatory mandate.

The most recent Liquor and Gambling in Manitoba survey, collected in 2016, asked 1,200 adults from across the province about their use of liquor and gambling activities. The results showed that the majority of Manitobans both drank liquor and gambled, but that they did so responsibly. Other highlights included:

  • 86% of Manitobans always use at least one responsible drinking strategy when they consume liquor. The most common approach continued to be pre-planning transportation, for example by calling a taxi or having a designated driver.

  • The most popular forms of gambling remained stable and generally unchanged since 2004. Buying charity raffle or fundraising tickets was the most common activity, and betting money online the least popular one. Over half of Manitobans always set spending limits when they gambled; however, the proportion of limit-setters decreased since it was last measured in 2013.

Click below to access the current Liquor and Gambling in Manitoba report, as well as the reports for previous surveys.