The LGCA conducts research on the myths, motivations and limit-setting behaviours related to liquor, gambling and cannabis.

Research results are used to inform the LGCA’s social responsibility initiatives. A broader understanding of liquor and gambling motives, myths and limits will allow us to develop more effective messages and tools to help Manitobans drink, gamble and use cannabis responsibly.

Prior to our expanded regulatory mandate, the Manitoba Gaming Control Commission had a long history of conducting research on gambling myths, motives and limits. This work was used as the basis for developing public education campaigns to correct gambling myths (2005-2007) and to encourage Manitobans to set limits while gambling (2008-2010). This work also led to publications in a peer-reviewed journals.

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    Currently, our work focuses on common cannabis myths and lower-risk cannabis use while continuing to examine motives within all three areas of our regulatory mandate.