History of Gaming Regulation


Regulation of liquor and gaming to merge into one authority. The April 17, 2012 Manitoba Budget announces that liquor regulation will be controlled by the same authority regulating gaming. The Manitoba government expects the new model to reduce red tape for Manitoba businesses by bringing inspections and other regulatory services into a one-stop shop. The MLCC’s operational activities are being merged with the MLC to create a single streamlined Crown corporation.

Public consultations led by the Liquor and Gaming Regulatory Consultation Committee were held across Manitoba in fall 2012. A discussion paper invites public and industry comment.

The Government of Manitoba engaged MNP to assist with the process of creating the new entity for liquor and gaming operations. Their report is released in late 2012.

Plans for online gaming announced. MLC announces it will partner with the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) to deliver online gaming from a Manitoba site based on BCLC’s online platform. The intent is to combat illegal, off-shore websites and provide a safe and secure platform offering responsible gaming tools, information and support.