The financial reports all ask for the president’s signature. What if the president is away?

If the president is away, the designated authority in your organization may sign the report in the space provided for the president’s signature. This usually means the vice-president or another executive member. Many organizations have signed up to use our electronic reporting tool so that they don’t have the trouble of getting signatures for every report.

My organization has an annual financial statement done every year by our audit committee. Should I send this report to the LGCA along with the other reporting we do?

You only need to send the LGCA financial reports provided with your licence, unless you have entered into an agreement with us that requires additional reporting. In this case, the LGCA only accepts independent audited financial statements, which means that the statements must be prepared and signed by a designated accountant who is not a member of the organization.

Can money be transferred from the lottery bank account to the general account?

The funds raised under an LGCA licence must be disbursed directly from the lottery bank account. Transfers are not allowed. We do make exceptions, but approval is not guaranteed. Requests are considered on an individual basis, and will include a review of your organization’s past financial reporting practices. If the request is granted, increased reporting requirements will be imposed and …