Can minors participate in making beer or wine?

No. Minors may not make beer or wine and they cannot assist parents or guardians mix ingredients or bottle the finished product. Minors may be employed by an in-store brewing retailer, but must be supervised by an adult. Minors employed by an in-store brewing retailer are restricted from participating in any functions related to the making of beer or wine, …

Can beer or wine made at an in-store retailer be used for commercial purposes?

No. All beer or wine made at an in-store brewing retailer must be for a customer’s personal use and consumed in a private location offsite from the retailer. “Personal use” is defined as beer or wine that is produced and used by an individual, or shared with others. It does not include the sale or other commercial use of the …

Can in-store brewing retailers mix or brew beer?

No, federal regulations require the customer to “pitch the yeast” and bottle their own beer or wine. The retailer may provide guidance and advice on brewing kits and ingredients, supervise the fermentation process, and monitor quality control taste testing and bottling of the final product.

How does an in-store brewing retailer comply with the federal excise acts?

Interested in-store brewing retailers must consult with the Canada Revenue Agency’s Regional Excise Duty Office to obtain information on how to ensure compliance with federal excise legislation and conditions. Contact information for the regional Excise Duty Office can be found on the Canada Revenue Agency’s website.

Are there any special requirements that in-store brewing retailers must meet?

Yes, in-store brewing retailers must: meet federal excise requirements under the Excise Act (for beer) and the Excise Act, 2001 (for wine and high-alcohol beer). These federal acts establish requirements for the production, storage and packaging of beverage alcohol at in-store brewing facilities; comply with the LGA’s standards for in-store brewing facilities which are based on the federally-legislated requirements; comply …