I am already licensed and have purchased another site with VLTs. Do I need to apply again?

Licensed business entities that have purchased a new location must submit a portion of the VLT siteholder application indicating the new location details. This licence will be added to your currently licensed business entity. If you are purchasing a new location as a different business entity, the new entity will have to apply to the LGCA.

We sold our business. What do we do next?

Any sale of a VLT siteholder location or business entity that has a VLT siteholder licence must be reported to the LGCA at least 10 business days prior to the closing date of the sale. The new owners must apply for a licence to operate the VLT site before taking ownership of the location. Operating a VLT site without a …

What is Smart Choices? Do I need this training?

Smart Choices is Manitoba’s responsible service training program, which includes a responsible gambling module. In establishments with a liquor licence, managers, security and staff who do not already have Serving It Safe or It’s Good Business training must successfully complete Smart Choices before starting to work in a licensed service establishment. Some First Nations VLT sites do not have liquor …

When will I get my VLTs?

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries manages the installation of VLTs. Once you are granted VLTs by Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries and licensed by the LGCA, you must contact Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries to schedule the installation.