• A Brew pub endorsement is available to all holders of a service licence allowing the licensee to produce beer and sell the beer produced from the premises in accordance with certain federal and provincial rules.

Any holder of a liquor service licence may apply for a brew pub endorsement which will allow the licensee to produce beer on the licensed premises. The beer produced on the premises may be:

  • Sold for consumption in the licensed premises.
  • Sold from a retail location within the licensed premises for persons to consume at home.
  • Sold to Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries.

In accordance with the Province of Manitoba’s Liquor Licensing Regulation 61/2014:

  • The brewing equipment must have proper metering equipment attached that record the amount of beer produced (applies to any liquor manufacturing facility).
  • A brew pub operator must not produce more than 2,000 hectoliters of beer a year at the brew pub premises unless otherwise authorized by the LGCA.
  • If the licensee is going to sell the beer from a retail site, all sales must be made from a location immediately adjacent to the entrance of the premises and must make sure that all purchasers leave the premises immediately following the purchase with the beer they purchased.
Terms and Conditions

Licensees with a brew pub endorsement must comply with the terms and conditions set by the LGCA.

Licensees must also comply with legislation, regulations and any requirements or conditions placed on the licence.

Annual Fee

There is no fee for a brew pub endorsement. 

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