• A manufacurer's licence allows the holder to produce beer, wine or spirits in Manitoba in accordance with certain federal and provincial rules.

Selling or serving your product

If you want to sell or serve your product to the public, either to take home or to be consumed on the premises, you must apply for either a retail endorsement or a liquor service licence.


Manufacturing licensees must comply with the terms and conditions set by the LGCA.

Licensees must also comply with legislation, regulations and any requirements or conditions placed on the licence.


There is no fee for a manufacturer's licence.

A manufacturer may also hold any other the other types of liquor service licences at the premises. If a manufacturer chooses to hold an additional service licence, they must follow all the terms and conditions that apply to that type of licence, including hours of operation and food or entertainment requirements. Click here to learn about liquor service licences.

Ready to apply? Click here to learn about our liquor manufacturer licence application process.